How To Become A Streetwise Millionaire

To become a multi millionaire and retire early doesn’t need any qualifications, special talents, luck or an education.

All you need is the right attitude, belief system, enthusiasm and to follow your passion

When I was young, I was made to believe by my parents that I would need a University degree if I wanted to become rich (wrong belief system).

I wasn’t the brightest of pupils, so I struggled at school and at University. I studied for a Bachelor of Commerce which is a 3 year course.

When I was in my second year at University, after repeating my first year again, one of our lecturers told us a story of how some students had dropped out of University after being there for only 6 months and went on to become multi millionaires.

That day was life-changing for me as I realised I didn’t need a degree to become a millionaire.

Two months into my final year (1973) I left University at the age of 22 and went into the restaurant business with a start up capital of $1000 (R2,000.00) which I had saved.

I reached my financial goal in 8 years by the age of 30 and could have retired.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of false information about money.

Here are some facts:

  • Money is good.
  • Money is easy to create.
  • You don’t need money to make money
  • Anyone can have as much money as they want
  • You are never too young or too old to start making lots of money.
  • You don’t need any special talents to make money
  • Having lots of money gives you the freedom to do whatever you want

What does Streetwise Millionaire mean?

  • Streetwise means having the awareness, practical experience and strength needed for survival in a difficult, often dangerous city environment.
  • Millionaire means a person whose material wealth is valued at more than a million rand / dollars / euro.

7 Steps To Become A Streetwise Millionaire:

  • Follow Your Passion
  • Work hard
  • Give people more than they expect.
  • Be honest in all your dealings
  • Have systems
  • Live within your means
  • Have fun

Gordon Mackay the author of The Streetwise Millionaire, is a world leader in helping people create wealth.

As a speaker and author on the subject, he uses his personal experiences as his subject matter.

His teachings are based on truth and facts.