Money and You


Did you know

96% of the population will never be financially free at age 65

Are you going to be one of them?

  • Are you drowning in debt?

  • Never enough money?

  • Anxious and Depressed?

  • Business not doing well?

  • Relationships suffering?

You are not alone!

Many people are experiencing the same problems!

How would you like to have a system that you can use to…

  • Get out of debt fast?

  • Have more money?

  • Become financially free?

Do you want the system that millionaires & billionaires use?

  • Using this system will give you the ability to create whatever wealth and lifestyle you want.

  • You will have the time and money to do whatever you please.

  • Want to travel, buy a new home, spend more time with the family?

  • You can have it all.

The system is called Money and You

The information in the Money and You™ DVD will work for anyone of any age and in any market.

It doesn’t matter what the economy is doing.

“Your techniques and tips are basic, but powerful, loaded with passion. Your values and honesty is a reflection of your strong character. You taught me so much about business and life. Will be forever grateful.” 
Liezel Slabbert

Thank you, Gordon, for opening my eyes and your free spirit of giving. You have changed my family’s future in a very short space of time. You are a blessing.   Regards Kendal Coward.”

Many people have become millionaires within a few years of using Gordon Mackay’s system.

In 2008 ordinary people who learnt the system became very wealthy.

The system has now become very affordable because it’s online..

Testimonials from people who applied Gordon’s Money and You System…

“My first email from you was on the 5 February 2008, thanking me for attending your seminar. Since then, I have kept your emails for the pearls of wisdom they have provided. Now in 2010, it is my privilege to thank you for your contribution to my wealth.     Warm regards, Donovan Andersen.”

“My husband passed away just over two years ago .I was left with no policies and very little money to bring up three children. I attended Gordon’s seminar last year.  My business is booming.  Both my sons attended the seminar – my one son has just bought a new car. We are really doing so well. I highly recommend Gordon’s Seminar to everyone who wants to see a positive change in their lives.  Even attending the refresher course, I gained so much knowledge – I actually determined that I would like to attend all the refresher courses as I learn so much every time – I am so positive about our future. Once again, thank you Gordon, for the absolutely wonderful seminar – to me it is the best I have ever attended.”  Regards  Bernadette Zeiler

Here are some of the secrets you will learn…

  • Find out what has held you back from creating immense wealth.

  • How you can get out of debt fast.

  • Why you don’t need money to make money.

  • The 7 secrets of millionaires and billionaires.

  • How you can retire in 5 years or less.


“You have the ability to reduce complex topics and issues to make them understandable by ordinary people like me. You’re performing an incredibly valuable service, by making your years of experience, insight and wisdom available to others at a very affordable fee. Take a bow and continue the excellent work!”. Clive Simpkins

“I have put into action what I learned and am really seeing how easy it is”. Mia Leslie

“Not only did you educate me on a professional level but you educated me on a personal level too”. Joedi

  • Do you want a system to create massive wealth?

  • Do you want to retire in 5 years or less?

  • Do you want to work less and spend more time doing the things you love?

You can have it all plus more!

Use the system for 365 days and if not totally satisfied you will get a full refund plus you keep the DVD

You have nothing to lose!

Who is Gordon Mackay?

For the past 14 years Gordon has been teaching people how to create wealth using his systems.

These systems work because Gordon himself applies them and is living proof they work.


“Hi Gordon, As soon as I got home, I viewed your DVD. I was so motivated and inspired that I had to show the DVD to my son, when he came from work. We even missed the first half of the rugby!! My son was already on the websites to look at properties….Looking forward to the new challenges. I have a new dream “to become financially independent and create wealth for my family”

Gordon, once again, I cannot thank you enough for your support. Kind regards, Tinus Dreyer

“Awesome work ! I was watching your DVD with a friend on Tuesday and its brilliant !” Grant Vernon


 P.S.  A few students became millionaires within 4 years of getting this information.

P.S.S.  All this information is based on fact and works.

Money-Back Guarantee

Keep the DVD for 365 days.

If you haven’t made yourself at least 100 times the value of the DVD, I will give you your money back plus you keep the DVD!

There is NO risk.

 Only R297

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