I Feel Your Pain

“It’s March 1991 and I’m sitting in my bank manager’s office at FNB in Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa.

 Mr. Cliff Hyman my bank manager pulls out a document and shows me I’m in major financial trouble.

 I went white with fright, my stomach turned and I felt sick with the reality of what he showed me.”

What he showed me was the start of my worst nightmare.
The Gold Shares I had bought on overdraft had dropped so low that the bank didn’t have enough security.
Even worse, was the problem that I had borrowed money from two other banks to buy Gold shares.
In total, I had borrowed R 5 Million which is equal to R30 Million today 2020, due to inflation.
My monthly interest rate was R100,000. p.m. which is equal to R600,000. today.
I was in the restaurant business at the time and my restaurant(Gordon’s Prawn) was only making  R10,000. p.m.  Which is equal to R60,000. today.
I had a shortfall of R90,000. That is R540,000 in today’s terms, to pay every month.
After the meeting, I got into a state of panic and had no idea of what to do.
I had never been in financial difficulty before and didn’t know of anyone else who was.
I was on my own.
I suffered from depression.
I couldn’t handle the pressure and embarrassment anymore and decided to commit suicide. 
Well, I failed at that too, that is why I am here to tell the story.
The are many people facing different challenges today.
I feel their pain and know what they are going through.
Due to all my challenges and the lessons I learned in overcoming them – I have the ability to help others.
I’m passionate about helping others thrive and living a life of abundance!
P.S. In 1991 I was technically bankrupt and in debt of R 5 Mill (R30 Million today) – 7 Years later I retired!
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