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Unlock Your True Potential for Success
Free yourself from self-limiting beliefs that hold you back
Take complete control of your thoughts, feelings and actions
Create and maintain a positive attitude that affects and influences everyone around you
Identify and eliminate the false ideas that can be holding you back
Develop complete clarity about who you are and what you really want



What readers have said about the book

I bought The Streetwise Millionaire when you first released it. Life has been frantic so I only managed to read two pages at a time and kept on putting your e-book on my “to do list”. I went to the Drakensberg for the Easter break and took your e-book with me. I started reading from the beginning, and was unable to stop. I have read it and am now re-reading it. WOW, WOW, I feel alive and enthused again!! Thank you for your mastery, your lesson’s, guided systems and advice. This is the first e-book I have read which gives practical guide lines along with the theory. You reminded me of the value of creative visualisation, affirmations and systems. As well as the fact that life does” knock us for a 6″, and we are responsible to change it with our thoughts and actions. Thank you for what you have written and for inspiring us all to internal and external greatness!

Susan Williams

Hey Gordon, have been studying your material the last few nights – The Streetwise Millionaire – brilliant and very powerful stuff. All the best.

R. Krim

Your e-book has inspired and motivated me totally towards fulfilling and achieving my dream goal, which has been floating in limbo for 10 years! 5 Months ago I was miraculously cleared of cancer. That alone should have motivated me to do something worthwhile with my second chance at life. Well your story made me wake up. After the 1st day’s exercise I wrote down my goal in alignment with my purpose and my passion. I planned to open my healing practice at the end of May 2011. I have done the system exercises with enthusiasm and passion every morning. Within 10 days of starting the exercises I had my first client and have one workshop already booked for May. Thank you Gordon for kick-starting me on my exciting new journey. Wishing you continuous abundance.

Janette Bailey

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