“Reading these stories over and over will help deposit the habit of persistence deep in the treasury of your sub-conscious mind.” – from the Foreward by Bob Proctor, best selling author of You Were Born Rich

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What’s Keeping You From The Success You’ve Dreamed Of?

W Mitchell has lost his fingers and most of his body is paralysed. Bound to a wheelchair, his once-burned face resembles a Halloween mask. That hasn’t been enough to keep him from co-founding a $65 million company, serving as a mayor of his community, and saving a mountain!

Becky Guinn has a different challenge – she lost her hands and feet – but that hasn’t stopped this artist from painting and her passion – teaching art to her students.

Bill Porter has all of his body parts – they just don’t always work right – because of a lifetime of cerebral palsy. However, that apparently never entered his mind as he became the top salesman in his company with a daily routine so gruelling that it would cause all but the most persistent to wither.

These are just three of the seventeen great examples of everyday persistence that are to be found between the covers of Dance Until It Rains.

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