Since 1998 I have created incredible wealth without using any money. I have used the system of LEVERAGE and COMPOUND GROWTH which you will learn about in the DVD.

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Learn How To Become Financially Free

Discover how to have an income for life without working

Find out how I bought over 100 properties in 1 year with no money

Do you want to:

  • Have an Income For Life without working ?
  • Become a Property Millionaire ?
  • Retire and travel or spend more time with your family
  • Overcome the fear of investing ?
  • Learn how easy it is to invest in property ?

You will get the exact steps PLUS much more In my DVD – Money – How to make it and keep it !

This is a live recording of my Money and You Seminar

You will learn in the DVD how I was able to:

  • Overcome a financial disaster
  • Retire in 7 years after being in debt of 5 million and technically bankrupt
  • Buy 100 properties in 1 year with no money
  • Survive 4 recessions and make millions at the same time

These results are proof that my information in the DVD works

The information in the Money and You™ DVD will work for anyone of any age. It doesn’t matter what the economy is doing.

Testimonial :

Good morning Gordon. I’m writing this message to you just to say thank you for being such a wonderful person. A person who wants to help his fellow neighbour. Gordon last year a friend of mine borrowed me your dvd and I was blown away by the simplicity in the material and by the way that people make money out of property. I’m a 25 year old and so motivated about life.

Ever since I watched your dvd I believe that my future will never be the same again. I decided to spend money and educate myself more on the subject of property.

I’m extremely motivated and I believe I have been born for business and I just love this property game. Last year I bought my first property for R380 000,market value R500 000 and Im currently renting it out for R4000 per month. I’m awake now at 2 in the morning thinking about success, having an abundance and balance of life. Every day I try to listen to your dvd and it gives me so much hope. I have even recorded it on my voice recorder on my phone so that I can listen to it and to reprogram my subconscious to think positive things and success. I believe I’m already a success and that great things are coming my way. I’m looking at buying my second property in the next 6 months with great equity in it. An entry level property that can give me a great return.

Im so excited about your mentoring program and I know it will be a great success from the word go. I’m just so grateful that God created people like you and for that reason He will continue to bless you. Gordon keep up the good work and keep the faith. Ricardo Van Rooi

Testimonial :

My first email from you was on the 5 February 2008, thanking me for attending your seminar. Since then, I have kept your emails for the pearls of wisdom they have provided. Now in 2010, it is my privilege to thank you for your contribution to my wealth. Based on your seminar, CD, DVD and emails I am the owner of 3 properties (2 homes and a block of flats – 1 house and the block of flats is fully paid for and will be bonded against to raise capital for further investments). My passive income is steadily increasing and I am looking forward to the day when I can say I have enough! In turn I wish you success with your e Book “The Streetwise Millionaire”. Dare I say, that I am THAT…thanks to you! Warm regards, Donovan Andersen.

Do you have any of these problems:

  • Struggling to make ends meet ?
  • Too much stress ?
  • Suffering from anxiety and panic attacks ?
  • Serious debt problems ?
  • Life unbearable ?
  • Can’t sleep at night ?
  • Your marriage or relationship is suffering because of financial problems ?
  • Overloaded with too much work and not enough money ?

If you answered ” YES ” to any of these questions, then I have news for you… You are NOT alone.

Many people are experiencing these exact same problems.In fact, I know exactly what you are going through because I have been there myself but even worse. I got to a stage where suicide seemed the only way out, until I discovered the right way of doing things. This didn’t happen over night. I went through many ups and downs, lost millions in the process but eventually got it right.

Here are some facts:

  • In March 1991 I owed three banks 5 million in total.
  • I was in the restaurant business at the time.
  • My interest payments on my overdrafts were a 100,000 every month.
  • My restaurant was only making 10,000 per month.
  • I had a shortfall of 90,000 every month.•
  • I had never ever been in financial difficulty before.
  • These were extremely tough times as there was a major recession then.
  • In 1998 I retired !

Since 1998 I have created incredible wealth without using any money. I have used the system of LEVERAGE and COMPOUND GROWTH which you will learn about in the DVD.

Testimonial :

Since attending your course in 2005 I have managed to buy 17 properties, all with 108% bonds, and no money down. Most of them are yielding around 34% + capital growth. I have sold 7 of the flats that have tripled in value and will use this profit to pay off the remaining bonds on the other 10 properties, to be bond free and guaranteeing my income when interest rates rise again. I am going to use this income to buy more property as I am seeing more and more bargains and opportunities daily. Thank you Gordon for opening my eyes and your free spirit of giving. You have changed my families future in a very short space of time. You are a blessing. Regards Kendal Coward.

Do you want to make more money ?
Do you want an income for life ?
Do you want to retire and travel ?
Do you want your business to improve ? 
Do you want to become a millionaire or billionaire ? 

                                                                              You CAN have all the above

More testimonials:

“Hi Gordon, As soon as I got home, I viewed your DVD. I was so motivated and inspired that I had to show the DVD to my son, when he came from work. We even missed the first half of the rugby!! My son was already on the websites to look at properties….Looking forward to the new challenges. I have a new dream “to become financially independent and create wealth for my family” Gordon, once again, I cannot thank you enough for your support. Kind regards, Tinus Dreyer”
“You have the ability to reduce complex topics and issues to make them understandable by ordinary people like me. You’re performing an incredibly valuable service, by making your years of experience, insight and wisdom available to others at a very affordable fee. Take a bow and continue the excellent work!”. Clive Simpkins
“I have put into action what I learnt and am really seeing how easy it is”. Mia Leslie
“Your techniques and tips are basic, but powerful, loaded with passion. Your values and honesty is a reflexion of your strong character. You taught me so much about business and life. Will be forever grateful.” Liezel Slabbert
“Not only did you educate me on a professional level but you educated me on a personal level too”. Joedi
“Awesome work ! I was watching your DVD with a friend on Tuesday and its brilliant !” Grant Vernon
“Hi Gordon, I just watched the DVD and I must say it’s excellent.” 3 G GROUP

P.S.S. A few students became millionaires within 4 years of getting this information. Most people that apply the principles in the DVD make their first million in under 5 years
P.S. All this information is based on fact and works

Money Back Guarantee

Keep the DVD for 365 days. If you haven’t made yourself at least 100 times the value of the DVD I will give you your money back plus you keep the DVD! There is absolutely NO risk.


E mail: delene@gordonmackay.co.za


Between 8.00 a.m. and 2.00. p.m. Monday to Friday.
Tel: South Africa: 031 566-7402. Ask for Delene

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