The 7 Streetwise Laws of Success

In life there are certain laws that control everything. These laws exist everywhere. Everything in life is cause and effect. You might not agree with the following statement but it’s a fact:

You are the cause of everything that is happening to you.

If you hold an item in your hand, a metre above the floor and let it go, it will drop due to the law of gravity. If you make water colder and colder it will eventually become solid and freeze.

Just like these laws there are many other laws that have a definite result

If we make the correct choices and do the right things we can basically be, do and have anything we want. Unfortunately, due to false information we have picked up from our grandparents, parents teachers, peers, T.V. Books and others, we have become confused and make incorrect choices.

Master the laws below if you want to change things for the better.

The 7 Streetwise Laws Of Success:

  1. Law of Belief
  2. Law of Focus
  3. Law of Systems
  4. Law of Patience
  5. Law of Confronting
  6. Law of Productivity
  7. The Law of Integrity and Ethics

Law of Belief

You need to undo any false beliefs you might have picked up from childhood, your parents, religion and other. Go back in time and visit these moments and see if you made any negative decisions. This is a very powerful exercise and must be done in a quiet place with no interruptions

Law of Focus

Focusing on a common goal that you are passionate about will create a purpose and motivate you. If you have too many goals you will become overwhelmed which will lead to stress and procrastination..

Law of Systems

You should have systems for everything, if you want a successful life.

Law of Patience

There is no such thing as overnight success. If you start today and slowly master these laws and apply them – you are guaranteed to get whatever you want and live a life of total abundance in all areas of your life.

Law of Confronting

If you want to overcome fear or handle any problem, confront it. Write everything down you know about the problem or fear in detail. It must be everything. You will feel “uncomfortable” while writing it out. When you are finished you will experience a sense of relief. What you have done is confronted the problem or fear and will now be able to do something about it. Before we can handle a problem, we must know the entire problem.

Law of Productivity

People are happiest when they are productive.

There have been many experiments done where companies have improved conditions of work, given incentives and many other benefits. This has “appeared” to improve productivity. The real reason for the increase in productivity is that people were made to feel important. In these experiments when they took all the benefits away and made the conditions worse – productivity still increased.

The Law of Integrity and Ethics

Apply “The Golden Rule” to your life and others. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Next time you have a situation ask yourself: “How would I like to be treated in this situation?”

You don’t need any special powers, luck, intellect or education to get want you want. Just apply the above laws and notice a difference.

Gordon Mackay the author of The Streetwise Millionaire, is a world leader in helping people create wealth. As a speaker and author on the subject, he uses his personal experiences as his subject matter. His teachings are based on truth and facts.